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Daniel Lavigne

Calum McLeod

The APS By-Laws provide the obligation to hold two face-to-face National Executive Committee meetings each year. This is the reason that the Sunday following the National Council is always used to fulfill half of that obligation. The other Executive meetings are held through telephone conferences.

It was on Sunday, November 4, that President Mario Poudrier declared the opening of the meeting regrouping some ten members of the Executive. As he has done now for many years, Mario enlarged the attendance by inviting all participating members of the National Council held the day before to join in as observers.

Two major decisions were on the agenda; the replacements Dominique Barrette and Isabelle Benoit. The first one was due to Dominique’s departure from CBC and the second due to the election for the position of National Treasurer. Dominique had been elected to the position of National Secretary by acclamation in mid-August causing the National Executive to appoint a successor to replace her.  Daniel Lavigne, the Ottawa Regional Director, got the nod from the executive to replace Dominique. On a practical side, the nomination made sense because of the physical proximity involved. One of the major responsibilities of the National Secretary is representation duties on the CCSB (Consultative Committee on Social Benefits). That Committee is established in Ottawa where it holds all of its meetings, therefore eliminating travelling expenses for Daniel’s attendance. But there is much more to Daniel’s appointment. That nomination promotes him to the second-highest level of authority in APS. Among others, the National Secretary has the responsibility to replace the President in case of absence.

For Isabelle, the situation was more complex. She was sitting on the Executive as the second representative of the Montreal local Branch. In such capacity, she was representing members from outside Montreal, in the rest of Quebec. Each of the two largest branches, Montreal and Toronto are allowed two representatives on the National Executive. Those nominations originate from the local executive levels. The replacement, therefore, will be coming out of a decision made by the Montreal Local Executive according to the By-Laws. But Isabelle was also sitting as a member of the Investment Committee which is the responsibility of the National Executive Committee. For that strategic nomination, the Executive Committee chose Calum McLeod from Toronto. Calum comes to us with a solid background in finance having held similar positions with another union of the CBC. He is also the one representing us on the Pension Fund Board as one of the only two union representatives sitting that committee. Calum will then become part of our team for CCSB dealings along with Mario and Daniel for the APS team.

Outstanding issues remain to be settled: the replacement of Isabelle Benoit as the second Montreal member of the National Executive Committee to be decided by the Montreal Branch. Also, the replacement of Daniel Lavigne as Director for the Ottawa Region, by an interim mandate will be decided by the National Executive. APS Regional Directors are elected on two-year mandates; besides Ottawa, the other Regional Directors represent the Eastern and Western parts of the country. When a vacancy occurs, the interim nomination stands until the end of the mandate which will be in 2019 in this case.

In closing then, the National Executive is pleased to announce the arrival of those two new players in their respective new roles; Daniel Lavigne from Ottawa and Calum McLeod from Toronto.


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