Nomination Deadlines for the Positions of National President, National Secretary and National Treasurer

At the end of the period to file applications for the three national positions that were up for election this year, only one will be the object of a call for an election with the APS participating members to select the National Treasurer of the Association. The positions of National President and National Secretary have been awarded by acclamation. Mario Poudrier from Montreal has been reappointed for a ninth consecutive mandate at the helm of the Association while Dominique Barrette from Ottawa will serve her second mandate after her election to the position two years ago.  Congratulations to the newly elected National Officers!

There will be three candidates bidding for the position of National Treasurer: Isabelle Benoit from Montreal, Gary Gornik from Toronto and Jerry Ding from Edmonton. All three applicants met with success the eligibility requirements specified in our By-Laws to qualify for the purpose of becoming candidates in a national vote to be held next October 2018.

As in the past, APS will make available its Web site to give the opportunity for the candidates to make personal representations to promote their candidacies with the voting members of the Association. Equal conditions will prevail for all candidates should they wish to use the platform on a voluntary basis.

The official start of the mandates will begin at the APS National General Council to be held on the week-end of November 3rd , 2018 in Toronto. Until then, the position of National Treasurer will continue to be filled by Yves Ledoux who is also taking the opportunity to join the ranks of CBC Pensioners. Yves will have been one of the true pioneers of the Association, having been there since the very outset in 1995. First as a participating member, then as a member of the Montreal Executive as National Secretary and finally as National Treasurer. It’s notably under his tenure as Treasurer that APS adopted the first Investment Policy to ensure the optimization of the union’s assets while preserving its capital.

Two Different Elections

On top of the choice of their future National Treasurer, voting members will be asked to vote on a change to the By-Laws in the next national election. The National Executive Committee will be submitting a proposal to require an acceptance rate of 66% approval for ratification. The proposal will be to do away with the obligation to hold a national vote for the selection of the firm of external auditors selected for the production of the yearly Financial Statements for the Association. This procedure has been there since the outset with voting members being asked to accept the Executive Committee’s choice for an external auditing firm. And year after year the result is always the same with almost unanimous acceptance of the Executive Committee’s choice. The procedure is costly as it entails the hiring of a specialized firm to conduct the voting consultation to confirm a choice already made by the Executive. The financial responsibilities of the Executive Committee would be in no way changed or modified if the proposal was adopted. The purpose is to cut down on spending as well as to simplify procedures. But in the end, as always, the choice will be in the hands of the voters.


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