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  • APS greets the Holiday Season!

APS regions of Montreal and Toronto successfully highlighted the Christmas festivities with its members.

The APS Montreal section invited the members to a luncheon at the Molson Coors Brewery, on Friday, December 15, 2017. The organizers of the event gathered a great number of members for a delicious sit-down meal and extraordinary prize draws including a Panasonic Television 4K 49 in draw.  Congratulations to the winner: Éric Lacourse.

Special thanks to the organizing committee for this very distinctive event: Stéphane Désautels, Isabelle Benoit, Pierre Beaucage, Sébastien Fleurant, Yves Ledoux, Karl Plante, Nicolas Ouellet and Charles Deschênes Also, a particular mention goes to Mario Poudrier, APS National President who gave a brief summary of APS past year and an overview of the projects for 2018.

Stéphane Désautels and Sébastien Fleurant drew the names of the following winners:

Denis Allaire, Carl Boislard-Lanois, Myriam Buteau, Katherine Domingue, Chloé Dumas-Berger Patrice Dumont, Davy Fraser, Patrice Gamelin, François Gladu, Stéphane Godin, Xavier Hunault-Perusse, François-Olivier Leblanc, Hélène Leduc, Didier Lévesque, Benoit McKibbin, Maxime Nadeau, Pierre-Alexandre Nolet, Marie-Claude Séguin, Simon Syrkos, Xavier Vachon-Desrochers, Paulo Ubach, Mauro Valdes, Maude Villeneuve.

Furthermore, 20 guests discovered a Renaud Bray gift certificate under their chair!

In Toronto, members gathered at the Pint Public House on Thursday, December 14, 2017. Nathan Farr, President of the Toronto branch, welcomed more than 75 members for this event. The following voting members won great door prizes. Congratulations to:

Ishfak Ahmed, Balraj Bhathal, Ilya Belkin, Robert Burton, Mark Desbiens, Ralph Frampton, Howard Lam, Tom Napier, Hernando Rodriguez, Doreen Spreer-Pimenta, Jagmit Singh, David Wu et Johnny Young.

We take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays!

Best and sincere wishes for Health, Happiness, and Serenity throughout the New Year!