Andy Libby leaves the CBC

The last round of cuts produced significant damages to the top ranks of APS with the elimination of Andy Libby’s position in Toronto. Andy was the long-standing president of the Toronto Local Branch, also affected by this new round of job suppressions was Jordan Sweigman, Toronto Local Director. A high price to pay for a modest total of five positions eliminated altogether.

A meeting of the APS national Executive Committee was held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, to adopt transition measures to cope with the vacancies tied to the jobs eliminations. Nathan Farr has been appointed to replace Andy as Toronto Local President. He will be completing the mandate which will expire at the end of the summer, 2017. To replace Nathan as the Ontario representative the Committee proposes the nomination of Jennifer Barrett also from Toronto to bridge the gap until the end of the same summer mandate.

The move is tied to the representation rights of the Toronto Local at the National level. Toronto has two seats on the National Executive Committee which were previously filled by Andy Libby and Nathan Farr.

The new inductees will be soon at work as the next face-to-face compulsory bi-annual meeting of the National Executive taking place in Montreal during the week end of April 29, 2017.

During the April 4 National Executive telephone conference, the participating members had the opportunity to salute Andy’s unwavering contribution to APS as the uncontested leader of the English Network for a great many years. In fact, Andy has been there since the very start of the APS movement back in 1995. He has left his mark as the President of the most important Local of the organization but also as a key player on the National Joint Committee as well as on the Negotiation Committee. Through the years he has helped hundreds of Toronto members by way of his solid coaching talents as well as by outright assistance in solving work-related problems. A big chapter in our short history is thus coming to a close.

Conversion of Contract Workers

The period to convert contract workers to permanent status has now come to an end. Originally set to finish on March 15, 2017, the period was extended to the end of the month of March. With files still being processed, we know for sure that a great many of contract employees have opted to switch to permanent status. A total of 42 have opted to change while some 20 members have filed their refusal by opting to remain under contract. Montreal had the largest contingent of changes with 20 while Toronto turned in 12 transfers. Although the final results are not yet available, we can safely confirm that the campaign was a true success with such an impressive number of conversions already confirmed. Previous campaigns had registered much more modest results. This time, however, the stakes were higher in light of the new differences brought about by the new collective agreement. This is the reason both parties had come to an agreement to open the door to changes of status to give employees the freedom to choose the status best suited for their purposes.

Discussions will continue at the start of next month at the National Joint Committee meeting to be held in Montreal on May 1, 2017.


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