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  • On the Eve of the Holiday Season: Major Breakthrough for Two contentious Files!

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« On the eve of the Holiday Season, this is good news for many of our members.  These agreements will affect ALL our members who work On-call while the agreement on calculating the years of service required to reach the midpoint of the pay bands will be beneficial for about thirty members, » said the new President who pursues discussions on the other contentious issues still active between the parties.

Retroactivity - Appendix «G»

In the Appendix “G” case, which sets the calculation of the time required to reach the midpoint of the pay bands, this will mean more favourable dates for all those who have reached the midpoint since the entry into force of the agreement. They will keep their current position, but they will receive retroactively a lump sum to compensate for the incorrect calculation. For all others who will reach the midpoint in the future, the effective date of the increases will be the day following the end of their seventh year of service, « at the beginning of the eighth year, » as APS has always claimed. Previously, this date was set later according to the employers' interpretation.


The immediate supervisors of the employees impacted by these adjustments will make the announcement shortly to those who received these salary increases too late. Our members are encouraged to communicate with their immediate supervisors to learn more about their personal situation. The manager will be able to coordinate with Shared Services for relevant information in case of uncertainties.

New Compensation for On-Call Employees

The parties also settled their disagreement over the interpretation of the clause 18.2.1 of the collective agreement concerning On-call procedures. More specifically, it relates to the amounts involved on the second call outside regular working hours after the completion of a first call. This issue had been ongoing since the signing of the collective agreement on November 21, 2016.


More specifically, the new premium text reads as follows: « If an employee receives a second or subsequent call (beyond the first 3 hours) requiring them to work, the CBC will guarantee that the employee shall receive a minimum of at least 1.25 hours pay for work within this time period paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate or banked equivalent. Any time required to complete the work in question beyond 1.25 hours shall be paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate or banked equivalent. Additional calls received within the first 1.25 hours will not attract an additional payment. »

Festive Holiday Celebrations

Stéphane also took advantage of this first communication to welcome the arrival of new members who will now attend the APS National Joint Committee: Isabelle Benoit and Sébastien Fleurant. They will join the three other members already in place, Claude Beausoleil, the General Manager, Nathan Farr, the president of the Toronto Local, and of course, Stéphane Désautels. Isabelle joined the group as President of the Montreal Local Branch and Sébastien as APS National Secretary.