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The memo also gives a distorted impression of the review process in cases of disagreement with a performance evaluation. Employees protesting the evaluation given by their managers can indeed write their comments on the form, but the system erases the opposition from the employee when the box is finally checked by the employee or automatically without the employee’s will by July 5th. As a matter of fact, there is no obligation for an employee to check the box, « I agree with the Content and Rating ». Discontent employees, then need to reach their union representatives to file a grievance if required. This is not explained in the memo, and it should be. A negative mark in your record has many consequences on top of a lower salary increase. Mainly it will prevent you from reaching the midpoint mark at the beginning of the eight years of service as well as counting as a factor in cases of selecting employees who have to be cut in cases of job suppression. The whole aspect of disagreements with the results of a manager’s rating is erased from the memo by avoiding mentioning the recourse to the grievance procedure available to all the employees who are discontent about an unfair rating.