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  • National Council Events 2019

On the weekend of November 2, 2019, the APS delegates met to discuss the issues affecting the union life of CBC Supervisors and Professionals over a two-day period, the first day dedicated to debates on the association’s orientation and activity reports. On the second day, the Sunday meeting focused on the Members’ Annual General Meeting followed by the APS National Executive Committee meeting.  

To begin this weekend’s reports, we present the results of the Annual General Assembly.

Members’ Annual General Assembly

The APS practice is based on the participation of all members in good standing who are part of the organization. To ensure that this standard is fully applied, the annual meeting is dedicated only to decision-making that involves all participating members of the association.

Members thus express themselves through individual consultation by voting for proposals submitted to them. The electronic consultation process is carried out by specialized firms that operate independently to guarantee the confidentiality of the process.

This year, Big Pulse was mandated to consult with members. A total of 413 members were registered for the vote.

The National Executive Committee delegates two officers, one from each respective network, who are responsible for overseeing the supervision of the consultation process,. This year Pascal Baczyk, Director of the East region and David MacFarlane Director of the West Region acted as election officers.

They disclosed the results of the vote by accessing the account of the specialized firm that completed its mandate when reporting the results of the consultation that took place between October 21 and October 27, 2019.

Participants responded favourably to the APS Executive Committee’s proposal to renew the mandate of Desormeaux, Patenaude Inc., for the preparation of the financial statements for the fiscal year 2019-2020.

The breakdown was as follows:

In favour of renewal: 78.17% of votes

Against renewal: 6% of votes

Abstention: 37% of votes.

The voter turnout was 47.70% of the members in good standing.

At the National Executive Committee meeting, the following day, the attendees discussed the relevance of this consultation.

Hiring an outside firm incurs costly expenses (well over $1,000.00). It is relatively justified when there are several decisions to be taken (adoption of the collective agreement, the election of several candidates for the same position, etc.)

But does the selection of the accounting firm justify a national consultation? It is the Executive Committee that first selects the firm and then submits it to all voting members through a national election. The number of abstentions proves that many members do not feel concerned. This type of decision involves examining the competence of the specialists to report financial statements. It is the role exercised by the executive committee. It is difficult, if not impossible, for members to take such initiative, an issue to consider going forward.

It was the only resolution submitted to the vote this year because of the election by acclamation of officers whose term was expiring.

Other matters from the National Council meeting will follow shortly with the presentation of reports and discussions on the orientation and assessments of the National Executive Committee.