Our FAQ policy deals with questions concerning the application of our collective agreement. The topics covered will be presented in accordance with their levels of interest to our members with the most frequent questions appearing at the top of the list.

I feel I have been treated unfairly in my annual performance review. Is there anything I can do?

Depending on the nature of the injustice many possibilities exists:

• Art.5 protects employees against unfair applications of the employer's policies. APS has then the right to submit to a neutral third party, wrongful applications of the employer's directives to its own managers. Read carefully the directives concerning performance evaluation and file a grievance if you are the victim of an injustice.

• Art.10 deals with performance review specifically while art 11 and 12 cover the related topics on training and career planning. In the absence of collaboration from your supervisor, file a grievance within two weeks of the event giving rise to the complaint. You have the choice to involve your union or not. Our agreement leaves the choice to the employee; but remember that you need your union if the matter is not resolved as a result of this first step. Art. 19 deals with grievances.

My boss does not permit overtime for anyone in our department, can he do that?

Our working arrangement with the employer provides for self-assignment in the organization of work. Art. 18 deals with question in many of its clauses. Remember the principle enunciated in 18.1 "...employees are responsible for...organizing their work...and to manage their work schedule..." Your supervisor cannot therefore decide by himself on your behalf. We have negotiated a very flexible averaging system in return for the right to professional autonomy. A case like yours should be flagged immediately to your local APS representative. APS has the right to file grievances directly at the national level (art.19.4.4) and a case like this warrants such action.

I have never been given the opportunity to upgrade my work competencies. Is this normal?

This is highly abnormal as the employer recognizes that "trained...professionals and supervisors are important to the success of the operation" (art.11.1) However, there is no specific obligation to provide training opportunities to individuals relating to work competencies. A few initiatives have worked for others: put your needs in writing and send them to your supervisor, bring the matter to departmental meetings, include requests in your performance review, send copies of unanswered requests to the next level of supervision and most efficient, talk to your APS representative. However, if you need training in your career planning, art. 12.2 gives you the right upon request to receive "...specialized training in career planning and assessment...". You only need to ask.