After 36 years with the Corporation Mario Poudrier, the National President of APS announced he was leaving the CBC to take his retirement at the end of November.

« I overshot my maximum tenure for pension purposes by one year because I wanted to participate in the rebirth of La Maison de Radio-Canada (the MRC) in Montreal », Mario said, « A fantastic opportunity for an Engineering aficionado like myself ».

Mario will officially leave APS at the National Council event, which will be held in Montreal on November 2, 2019. With a year remaining in his mandate, APS will proceed to nominate an interim replacement to complete the term. The APS By-Laws stipulate that the National Executive Committee has the responsibility to appoint the interim President.

All in all, Mario Poudrier will then complete 18 years of service at the head of our association, a record far removed from any foreseeable threats. He took over in 2001 succeeding Stephen Moore to become the National President of APS. Before, Mario was sitting as President of the Montreal Local since its creation in 1995. He was there at the assembly foundation of the Association when the founding members elected him to preside over the Assembly. A grand total of 24 years of union commitment is then the stature of a well-deserved salute we are sending his way upon his retirement. 

He was in the trenches for his whole term by sitting on all of our Negotiation Committees from the very first in 1995 to the very last in 2016. Mario acted as a spokesperson on every imaginable front heading significant committees for almost a quarter of a century.


He has thus left an imprint on a unique type of union philosophy, which characterizes APS. A Union totally controlled by its participating members, each and every one of them an employee of the CBC. APS gives the choice to every member of its bargaining unit to belong or not to its union life. APS is the only union to build its Union demand list for negotiations by using a professional, independent firm to conduct a scientific survey with each individual participating member. It is also dedicated to transparency by giving access to all of the participating members to its financial statements conducted by an independent bona fide professional accounting firm. Those are a few of many examples to characterize the unique style of the Association. However, Mario is also responsible by his personal touch to have placed the credibility of a small union at the same level as the other major players in the industrial relations’ world of the CBC.

But above everything else, Mario’s personal trademark will always be his devotion in helping out individual members in need of assistance. Mario has never backed down from a request for help coming from the ranks. In his very personal style, he would plow in headfirst, never fearing obstacles whatever their size. It’s by the hundreds that APS members are there to attest their gratitude after 24 years of loyal service to the Association.

Mario is leaving APS in a solid financial situation after instituting a flexible and light structure, ensuring tight control on spending.  He faced a substantial challenge with a huge debt present at the start of his presidency and also major membership reductions hitting the organization in the middle part of his mandate as the result of massive job cuts undertaken by CBC Management.

He will then preside over his last National Council during the weekend of November 2 in Montreal in the midst of the APS family, undoubtedly ready to wish him the best to salute his departure.



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