This year’s National Council held in Toronto on the weekend of November 3 marked an important changing of the guard at the top of the APS pyramid of power.

On one side there was the opening left for the position of National Treasurer as a result of Yves Ledoux’s retirement from CBC after a long and productive career while the other was the opening for the position of National Secretary as the result of a career change on the part of Dominique Barrette.

For the National Treasurer’s position, the replacement was organized through the voting process which resulted in the election of Isabelle Benoit as our new Treasurer. For the National Secretary’s position, we had to rely on the Association’s By-Laws due to Dominique’s resignation date. Dominique was selected for her new job outside the Corporation in September, after her election to the National Secretary’s position. In such a situation, our rules provide for the nomination of an interim replacement by the National Executive to complete the mandate. Daniel Lavigne, also from Ottawa was designated as Dominique’s interim successor at the National Executive Committee Meeting at the Broadcast Centre in Toronto, on November 4, 2018.

In both cases, the APS family was losing officers that had left their mark in their respective functions.

In the case of Yves, the commitment was a long-standing affair dating from the very beginning of APS. He had been recruited by the very first APS National Secretary, Marc Lapierre while both of them were working at the ex-Engineering CBC Headquarters in Côte-Saint Luc. Yves’ union career evolved at all the levels of the organization. Starting as a participating member, he reached the local executive level as a Director for the Montreal Branch followed by National level responsibilities as National Secretary and then as National Treasurer.

He is retiring by leaving us with the legacy of our new Investment Policy which will give us access to higher returns on interests while preserving as always the integrity of our capital assets

As for Dominique, she is leaving with much shorter seniority standing but still with a sound legacy. She reorganized our membership monitoring system to provide stronger fluctuation control and mainly, a user-friendly monthly report system opening up easy access to all.

Dominique was the one who also launched our very first feedback survey system to measure the members’ perceptions toward their union (Perception Survey). Her involvement with APS was the spark leading her to a career switch in favour of union work.

Thus two departures saluted warmly by all those who attended this year’s National Council. The weekend also marked the ultimate attendance of Jeff Gardiner at an APS National Council. On top of his unfailing presence through the years, Jeff is also leaving us with a record which will prove hard to beat for distance travelled as our delegate from Yellowknife.

The best for your retirement Jeff !


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