Fellow APS members,

My name is Jerry Ding and I am offering my service to APS as the National Treasurer.

I was trained as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with specializations in Corporate Finance and Internal Audit in 2013, and later obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Alberta specializing in business strategies, financial management and investments.

I joined APS and CBC/Radio-Canada in 2015 and, since then, have been managing accounting, reporting and budgets for CBC Edmonton in a financial controller’s capacity. I provide professional advice to members of APS, CMG and Management to ensure policy adherence, budget compliance, and financial accountability.

I am a member of the APS Investment Committee. In the past year, I worked with the incumbent National Treasurer and other committee members in evaluating and recommending investment opportunities for APS assets, aiming at maximizing overall rates of returns while protecting investment principals. I also participated in the 2017 APS National Council and General Assembly in Montreal as an observer and advisor.

According to the APS By-laws, the National Treasurer is an important and specialized position that is tasked with a host of professional accounting duties including:

  1. Ensure preparation and submission of audited financial statements
  2. Coordinate and respond to external auditors’ requests
  3. Safeguard and invest union assets
  4. Review travel and expense claims
  5. Ensure policy and by-law adherence

These tasks require specialized knowledge and training, and call for a candidate with thorough knowledge of accounting, auditing, investment and financial management, and a candidate with honesty, integrity and unbiased judgment in order to protect the interest of the members.

If elected, I will commit myself to improving the union’s operation and promoting financial transparency through:

  1. Quarterly easy-to-understand  financial updates to members through website postings
  2. Timely publication and interpretation of annual financial statements and auditor’s report
  3. Disclosure to members of all significant union travel and expense claims

I would make myself available to members, and respond to your questions, concerns, or suggestions whenever needed.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Jerry Ding


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