Hello to you!

 My name is Isabelle Benoit, thank you for taking the time to read my story!

 I have been working at CBC/Radio-Canada for 24 years. I am a TV Technical Producer for variety shows, but I have also worked on news and drama programs in the past.

 I have been involved in the APS Executive Committee for over 11 years, first as a local director in Montreal, then as regional director for Quebec. I am proud to represent you at the highest level of decision-making in our association, the National Executive Committee. I was also part of the Bargaining Committee and I helped in the creation of our new investment policy by serving as a full member of the Committee responsible for the conception of this policy.

 I am now seeking the position of National Treasurer that I have come to know well by working closely with our current treasurer, Yves Ledoux, in setting up an investment strategy that brings a higher growth rate for our savings while preserving the capital. An initiative that is likely to bring us more wealth in the future.

 By participating in the recent negotiations between APS and CBC/Radio-Canada management, I have the necessary experience to know from within the structuring of collective agreements and relations with senior management.

 I speak French and English and those who know me will acknowledge how rigorous and honest I am. I want to continue serving our members and I would like to get more involved in the core of APS by becoming the National Treasurer.


Thank you for your support!


Isabelle Benoit



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