My name is Gary Gornik and I am running for the position of National Treasurer for APS.  I decided to volunteer my services to APS and its members in the best way I thought possible.

 I have been with the CBC for 28 years and 20 of those years have been dedicated to the Engineering Department (MTIS). My present position is as Senior Systems Designer / Senior Project Lead, which involves the management and tracking of millions of dollars amongst a variety of projects and responsibilities.

 I have also been a member of the Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Canada as a volunteer for 25 years. During that time, I held the position of District Treasurer for two years and Club Treasurer for 12 years.  With this experience, I have acquired the knowledge and skills to account for every dollar and, given the chance, I would be honored to share this with you.

 While usually known as a background role, the position as Treasurer, for me, is of the utmost importance for an effective operation of any establishment or organization. I understand that detail and accuracy are critical in this role and I demand nothing less. I have the ability and the means to perform the duties as National Treasurer and I am eager to do so, given the opportunity.

 While this simple introduction may make it difficult for you to choose between myself and the other candidates, it is still important that you make the right choice.

 So, when you take the time to vote, I am requesting that you vote for me.  I will not disappoint you.

Many thanks,


Gary Gornik





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