CBC / Radio-Canada published the 2018 salary review guidelines and is available on MySource, under My Compensation/Total Compensation Statement/Program details. Your manager should communicate your salary revision shortly. Similar to last year, after your manager has finalized and approved the content of your annual review, you are asked to go to MySource, to finalize your own notes, acknowledge the final content by checking the box « I agree with the Content and Rating » and complete a short survey.  However, do not check the box if you do not agree with your evaluation.  Rather, explain why you do not agree in the note section of the performance form.


New Wage Schedules and Salary Review

For a second year in a row, salary ranges are showing significant increases, particularly for the PB-6 and PB-7 levels. These upward adjustments are intended to reflect the current market and are irrelevant to your annual increase related to your performance.  This increase in grids does not replace your annual performance increase.

 If your performance assessments have always shown a rating that « meets expectations » or « exceeds expectations » and you have not received any performance-related increases, contact your union representative.


Midpoint Reference Zone

 As agreed in the collective agreement, an employee who, after 7 years of continuous service in the same Pay Band (e.g. PB-6) and whose performance evaluations meet or exceed expectations should be at the Midpoint Reference Zone.


That means that, in 2018-2019, an employee who meets these requirements should receive at least a salary of:

PB-4: $ 59,900

PB-5: $ 68,900

PB-6: $ 80,600

PB-7: $ 94,600


If you meet the criteria listed above and your salary review is under the Midpoint Reference Zone, contact your union representative.


Please do not hesitate to contact your union representative or the National Secretary if you have any questions.


Dominique Barrette, National Secretary

Association of Professionals and Supervisors

(613) 288-6225


For more information :

2018 Salary Review Guidelines:   Salary review

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