At the last National Council held in November 2017 participating members brought up the topic of self-evaluation to explore the ways to upgrade services provided by the union to its membership. While many suggestions were brought to the table, the idea to proceed by direct consultation with the members stood out as the best option for future endeavours. It was then Dominique Barrette, the National General Secretary, seconded by David MacFarlane, Director for the Western Region who took on the task of piloting the advent of an evaluation survey to capture the pulse of the APS membership.

We are now at the eve of launching our first consultation with the members as a brand new initiative pursuing our goals of transparency as well as made to measure tools to service our clientele solely comprised exclusively of CBC employees, the only masters of this organization.

Thus in February the 800 members of the APS will be convened individually via email, by Ad Hoc Research, a firm specializing in perception surveys. The approach will be under the seal of confidentiality and will be compiled anonymously. We invite all members to participate, because your voice is important to us.  When we will be closer to the start of the operation we will send you an invitation to collaborate as a personalized message. 


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