Our By-Laws determine the required information to be made available every year to the APS voting members for the holding of the Members’ Annual General Assembly. 

It is on the website of the Association, in the section reserved for members in good standing that the following official communication for this year is posted including:

a)    the agenda of the Members’ Annual General Assembly;  

b)    the location, date and time of said Assembly;   

c)     the audited financial statements;

d)    a draft resolution to appoint the external auditor for the next fiscal year; 

e)    The beginning and duration of the period during which members will be able to cast their vote.


However, all members can access to some content of this information in the communiqués previously published on the subject. Thus, the meetings will take place in Montreal on Saturday, November 4 (National Council) and Sunday, November 5 (the Members’ Annual General Assembly). We also communicated the voting procedure. The specific information is published on the website for the voting members and conforms with the obligations of our By-Laws. For example, the APS Financial statements were posted on September 18th in the restricted section for the voting members.

To consult the page, simply click on the following link:

APS/Restricted/Member Space


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