During the last negotiations for the renewal of the APS agreement, the topic of job displacements (bumping) introduced important changes for movements of personnel in cases of job suppressions. This is the reason the employer is now opening the door for contract employees with more than three years of seniority who wish to convert their status to permanent employees.

Changes to ART 16

Before launching negotiations in the spring of 2015, APS had submitted to the voting members the proposal to change the movements of personnel in cases of job cuts. In the preceding agreement the victim of a job cut could displace a limited number of other employees in order to maintain his or her status of employment at the CBC. Positions on probation as well as temporary assignments were the only possibilities of displacement for employees losing their jobs. The suggestion to introduce a distinction between Contract employees and Permanent employees in cases of job cuts was therefore submitted to all to provide new possibilities of job continuation for permanent employees. The results of the consultation were clear and solid: the vast majority of members were in favour of added security for job protection for permanent employees.

The union’s proposal to establish new displacement possibilities for permanent employees was brought to the negotiation table and the employer agreed to the change.

Both parties also agreed to give contract employees the possibility to switch status if they so desired in light of the change. In the future, contract employees with more than three years' seniority will be subject to be replaced by a qualified permanent employee facing a job cut.

Exceptions are provided to the rule but in essence this is the reason for contract employees to evaluate if they wish to remain at present status. The employer will proceed in the days to come to canvass contract employees to find out if they want to maintain their status or to switch to permanent status.

It is up to each individual to decide. Your immediate supervisor will serve as the transmission point. Changes to the status will therefore originate from each job supervisor. However, the employee is the only person responsible to make the decision. This is the opportunity both parties have agreed to; contract employees are the ones deciding on the job status they wish to hold in the future providing they have three years or more seniority.

The corporation will assist to provide necessary information to facilitate inquiries for the technical aspects related to the question. If you are a contract worker in this situation, make sure you are made aware of your new option.

In case of difficulties in obtaining the proper information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact your APS officers.  Consult the Contact list on the website or click on this link: Contact - APS Officers .

Mario Poudrier

APS National President


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