The 2016 Dialogue survey is underway and your voice counts. By participating, you’re letting your manager, union and the organization know to what extent you’re getting the things that everyone needs to be engaged at work.

For example, is your work focused; do you have the right materials to do your  job; do you get to do what you do best; do you feel cared about as a person; and, are you valued, appreciated, heard, trusted, developed and challenged?  

Please check your email for your personal invitation from Gallup with a link to the survey.  It’s 24 questions. It takes (at most) 10 minutes to do. And, it can be done from pretty much any device and browser.

Full confidentiality is assured. Only aggregate results will be shared, and only where at least five people in a work group have participated. 

52% of us took the survey last year. We’d like to see that percentage grow. Higher participation means a more complete picture of our environment.  

For our purposes — as a new joint working group with a mandate (ref to: Working Group on Workplace and Culture) to explore new and different ways of improving our workplace and organizational culture, and improving psychological health and wellbeing in particular — the results will serve as both as a useful indicator of where things stand currently, as well as help us to focus on certain issues where we can work together to make a positive contribution.

We sincerely hope you’ll take the 10 minutes to be heard.  

Members of the Working Group on Workplace Culture 

Christine Campestre, AR  

Olivier Desharnais-Roy, CMG 

Marco Dubé, French Services 

Patrick Gagné, EAP 

Johanne Hemond, SCRC 

Marc-Philippe Laurin, CMG 

Monique Marcotte, People & Culture 

Susan Marjetti, English Services 

Kevin Payan, People & Culture 

Christine Pietschmann, People and Culture 

Mario Poudrier, APS 

Rufo Valencia, SCRC



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